Valentine's Week 2016

Alexandra Rundquist

Valentine's Day is not only about celebrating who we love, but also about celebrating what we love. One of my goals for this year is to focus more on who and what I love and to celebrate the happy little things in life. Here is a short list of some of the things that have brought me the warm fuzzies of happiness so far this year: 

-Organizing and redesigning our dining room into a study for me and the hubs (Pictures to come)

-Podcasts; my new favorite background stimulus while working on jewelry. Note to Self is my new favorite. My ears also enjoy, Serial, Undisclosed, This American Life, and Modern Love

-Trips to my favorite antique shop. I have a serious love for anything that has been previously loved. I recently scored some adorable vintage Valentines that make my heart so happy

-Morning coffee and conversations with my husband. He is just the best

-Selecting Gems for my Spring and Summer lines (Spring preview below)

-Bringing discounts to all you lovely people. Now through the end of February, get $5 OFF your purchase with discount code: LOVE