About the Artist

Lexie Rundquist (Aerow) is a self-taught studio artist working predominately with copper and gemstones, specializing in electroformed jewelry. Rundquist is constantly working on her artform, refining her process and dreaming up ways to incorporate bigger stones into her jewelry. Her artwork has been exhibited regionally, and collected nationally. Some of her statement pieces were worn by Lily Tomlin in the Netflix show Grace & Frankie. When not working on her art, she can be found teaching art classes in the FM area, hunting for new stones, or cuddling her puppy. She lives in Moorhead, MN, with her writer husband.

Made with Recycled Metal

As of 2017, 90% of the metal used in our jewelry is sourced from recycled tubing, wire, or sheet metal. 


Handmade in Moorhead, MN


What's In a Name

 "How did you decide on AEROW?"  -AER are my initials, and -OW stands for Original Work. I have always seen the image of an arrow, as a powerful symbol that inspires direction, force and movement. As an artist, I find that standing by this image challenges me to remain focused on my business, and pushes me to grow my skill set.


Photo Credit: Hillary Ehlen Photography